Created by Abigail Chilton in 1999, Alligator Pear specializes in international cuisine with a California twist, combining exotic flavors with the clean, fresh tastes for which the region is famous. It’s the love of food and entertainment that drives APC. With ever changing menus and stylized presentations, combined with top-notch professional service, Alligator Pear continues to produce events that are above and beyond…delighting guests at each turn.


Our talented chefs work to create innovative and artistic creations that will WOW your guests.


Our skilled designers capture the imaginative energy of your vision, bringing a unique ambience to every event.


Our professional team meticulously weaves together the essential components, leaving you to savor in the excitement of your party.  


“When I was in high school and my eyes started noticing the culinary world around me, a restaurant opened in New York called "The Quilted Giraffe," and I remember thinking, "cool name!"  Decades later, when it came time for me to come up with a name for my newly formed catering company, I wanted a quirky, unusual, cool name just like the one I had heard many years earlier. Yet, I also wanted a name that related to the food industry and something that expressed my sense of style. One night, after weeks of laboring over name choices, I decided to consult Merriam-Webster to see what jewels I could find in the dictionary.  Within seconds "alligator pear" jumped off the page and I knew that just had to be the name.  I learned that night that alligator pear is a nickname for an avocado! The rest is the culinary history of Alligator Pear Catering....” -Abi Chilton