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Yearly Archives: 2014

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EVY Holiday Party 2014!
Posted December 17, 2014

  This party ROCKED! “Evy of California,” a premier junior's and kid’s fashion design house, kicked off the holiday season in style. The holiday bash was held at Exchange LA, a 4-level nightclub that pulses with electronic dance music in the former LA Stock Exchange building. As always, it was awesome working with Rusty, of... Read More

A Season of Abundance and Gratitude
Posted November 23, 2014

Dear Friends, At this season of abundance and gratitude we want to thank you for choosing Alligator Pear for your catering needs. We genuinely appreciate your business and our relationship.We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your hearts and homes be filled with peace, love, health, happiness and wonderful food! The APC Family  ... Read More

USC Doheny Memorial Library Monster Exhibit
Posted November 22, 2014

What Makes a Monster?  Come to the Doheny Memorial Library to unearth the answer to this question! The Exhibit, October 30, 2014 to May 31, 2015 is “
an exploration of everything monstrous in the universe, from fictional and mythical characters to real-life serial killers, microscopic pathogens to black holes, clowns, freak shows, and the Cthulhu... Read More

On Location: A Rustic TV Shoot
Posted November 18, 2014

Our work takes us to many interesting places including the sets of major productions.  We love the challenge of creating menus to suit any theme.  For this production, we conjured up menus that worked well with the outdoor setting.  See a sampling of the menu below.    COCKTAIL RECEPTION & “SMALL BITES” BUFFET” Maple Glazed... Read More

Bar Mitzvah Luncheon
Posted November 10, 2014

A challenge for many family affairs is to offer menu choices that will appeal to a wide variety of guests.  Adults generally have more sophisticated tastes while the kids usually want something FUN.  The menu for this kiddish luncheon provided something to please everyone's tastes. Read the complete menu below.          ... Read More

Evening Garden Party
Posted November 5, 2014

  Entertaining clients took on a laid back elegance at this warm fall evening garden party. The guests were lured outside with the small bites buffet filled with fresh picks of the season. Here's the complete menu:   “SMALL BITES” BUFFET Grilled Salmon with Lemon Herb Gremolata on Asparagus Skewers with Cucumber Kimchi Salsa  ... Read More

Trick or Treat! APC’s October Newsletter
Posted October 30, 2014

It's Fall and Halloween is here, so treat yourself and your family to an adventure this weekend! In this newsletter you'll discover some of the fun activities & festivals in the Los Angeles area. Also in this issue, along with some highlights of APC's happenings, you'll find a couple of our favorite recipes for you... Read More

Director’s Guild of America Hosts Reception for New Members
Posted October 29, 2014

DGA Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director Bryan Unger welcomed DGA members of all categories at a cocktail reception in the Los Angeles headquarters atrium. Attendees learned about the vital inner workings of the Guild while they enjoyed a sumptuous small bites buffet.   See more event coverage at:        ... Read More

ASPCA Fundraiser
Posted October 26, 2014

  It was an honor and a privilege to cater this fundraising event for the ASPCA. For generations they have done so much to care for animals. The ASPCA believes that “animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans, and must be protected…” We genuinely agree and were so glad... Read More

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